• HBO – iPad paralax

    Employing parallax scrolling techniques in an AngularJS site, the iPad version of HBO.com delivers a huge amount of content within a single-page. CSS3 techniques such as momentum scrolling, multiple layering, and masking compliment the pre-rendering techniques that make the download speedy and SEO optimized. HBO.com

  • HBO – iPad schedule

    The iPad version of HBO.com employs CSS media queries. The site can support desktop, tablet, and smartphone sized screens through responsive coding techniques. Although current release only functions on iPads, the site could be viewed on any device or platform. HBO.com

  • HBO – iPad program vertical

    The “program vertical” page of the mobile version of HBO.com provides both horizontally and vertically scrolled content. It packs a significant amount content into a single page, including image galleries, video playback, social media content, and social interaction. The site is exceptionally performant, even on under-powered versions of iPad and Droids. HBO.com

  • HBO – iPad modules

    “Program vertical” page employs momentum scrolling on horizontally scrolled modules. Modules expand and contract to display even more content. CSS and HTML markup is bare-boned and stripped down for optimum speed and performance. A single sub-one second download contains the content of a multi-page web application. HBO.com